3 Simple Ways I Provide More Value to My Clients

Added value is an important aspect to the customer experience. The clients perception of the value your company provides will determine how satisfied they are with your services.


  1. First research what they want and look at things from their perspective

My clients want my sales knowledge and insights. But how I share or deliver that knowledge will greatly impact their perspective of my company. I know my clients want it right away so I created a system where we are able to deliver the content to them using a email drip sequence that’s delivered every morning. Plus we provide them with customer service 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and we don’t outsource our support.


  1. Work to Improve the Customer Experience

I’m always taking surveys with my clients. After every phone call, they receive a survey, anything below extremely satisfied receives a phone call from a supervisor. Plus we are contantly trying to automate their business and connect them with people who provide a service that will benefit them in some way.


  1. Deliver What You Promise

The Spanish philosopher George Santayana famously warned us, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” I’ve never made a promise with a client, I myself couldn’t keep, but boy promising a lot means you have to deliver on silly things they don’t even care about receiving until you made the promise to add it on. Just make sure what ever you advertise, you provide, and you provide it instantly.


Keep adding value to your clients, it drives in more sales because by adding more on the back end, you will also be building more value when you’re pitching your services. It works for us 🙂



John Raygoza

John Raygoza
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